Lari Online

The best way to find out what I do is to read my books! And the next best way to come along to one of my events and actually meet me. Making things up and sharing stories with real people are my favourite things to do.

However, I do occasionally admit the existence of the 21st century, and participate in the big conversation about books online, so you can find me online in various places.

You can find me fairly regularly on:


and occasionally on:





Tartan Footprint

Instagram as laridonwriter (sorry, I can’t work out how to link to it, but if you use instagram, you probably already know how to find me!)

and I blog on

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure on the 30th of every month (the months that have a 30th, anyway…)

and on my own blog, whenever I have a minute (and something to say)


and here are a few other bits and pieces:

An indepth interview about my writing process, especially Secret of the Kelpie and the Fabled Beasts

A series of ‘writing tips’ blog posts I wrote for the Scottish Book Trust

The Maze Running book trailer (which I can take no credit for, it was made by my publishers, but is rather fab)

Me retelling my favourite Scottish fairy tale, as part of a storytelling session for Authors Live, along with fabulous storytellers Mara Menzies and Peter Chand. (I’m about 30 minutes in…)

Me making a mess of my kitchen while reading Orange Juice Peas

Me chatting about the novella Drawing a Veil

If you know of any other examples of me not making too much of a fool of myself online, then let me know!